•   Supports up to 2,500 students
  • Multiple teacher log in
  •   Multiple streams supported
  •   Detailed student profiles
  •   Simple entry of marks
  •   Creates all student report forms and allows their bulk printing
  •   Data backup & emergency restoration
  •   Graphs on report forms
  •   Sends SMS report forms *
  • Online log in for parents
  • Principal and bursar log in
  •   Collection of fees generating receipts including balances
  •   Instant technical support
  •   Simple fees structure generation
  •   Creates accounting journals
  •   SMS fees notifications *
  •   Automated votehead allocation
  •   Generates accounting reports
  •   Mpesa fees integration **
  • Online log in for administrators and parents

About The Elimu Sotfwares

* Denotes available feature that is billed separately

** Denotes available feature that needs special upgrade

All Software is maintained by Elimu Holdings Limited

An Order Form is signed with the purchase of any of the products

The school nominates personnel to be trained for the use and management of all the products